Aranjuez & Toledo

Spain from the air

Imperial Toledo & Tajo River Experience

Taking off from Madrid Cuatro Vientos Airport, on the way to Aranjuez we overfly Castle of Puño en Rostro, XIV century Romanic fortification. On Aranjuez we find some leafy forests and gardens cover with many old fountains and statues, well known as Gardens of Aranjuez.

The gardens are places besides Tajo River. Next to the Gardens it´s located Royal Palace of Aranjuez.. You will never forget the view of the two monuments together. Following Tajo River, we will reach Toledo imperial city, where we enjoy with Cathedral of Santa Maria of Toledo, one of the most representative gothic monument in Spain. Next we have a look of El Alcazar of Toledo magnificent fortification place over rocks on the cap of the city. Fortress called by Arabs “Al Qasar”.